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About Wild Sport Bets

We are an NFT project for all sports fans. We are developing a community that can provide real value to sports bettors, through advice of pre-game and in-game picks, and amazing utilities. We offer two, free picks each day to anyone who joins our discord.

As time goes on, more and more states in the U.S. will allow for legalized sports gambling. At the same time, there will be more individuals turning the legal age to start sports betting. Therefore, we will have an increasing pool of potential customers that can take advantage of our benefits. We are creating a brand that requires no monthly fee, in contrast to most other companies offering picks or consulting services. Wild Sports Bets, a one-of-a-kind sports NFT, strives to provide value to bettors from the very beginning, by offering well-informed picks and resources to improve skills and awareness for smart decision-making.

Plan for Releasing the Collection

The project will feature a total collection size of 10,000 NFTs. We have strategically divided this collection into two separate groups, providing added value to the community and early adopters. The first group will consist of the Wild Sports Bets rings, which is comprised of two separate collections. The first mint will consist of 2,000 NFTs, titled the “Hall of Fame”.

The second mint will consist of 5,000 NFTs, called the “All Star” mint.

The first collection will have a mint limit of one NFTs per person. So, a Hall of Fame holder has the ability to mint a maximum of four NFTs, one of the Hall of Fame and three of the All Star.

The last collection will be used to give a large portion of our holders a means to gain some exit liquidity, while still having access. This 3,000 piece collection will be airdropped to various holders, allowing the original NFT to be sold, if desired.

User Benefits

Get ready for an exciting opportunity to win amazing prizes with our "Rep & Earn" utility, exclusively for our holders!

Take part in our latest giveaway and enter for your chance to win two tickets to a Phoenix Suns game - just post a picture on social media wearing WSB apparel and upload it to our Discord. The lucky winner will receive two tickets in Section 113, Row 27, Seats 4 & 5! And if you can't make it, don't worry - we'll send you $250 USD/ETH as an alternative prize, along with some WSB swag.

We have a total of 32 OG rings in the Hall of Fame collection. mint of these rings and we will send you $100.

Holders can also earn bonus money by sending out your referral links from various sports betting apps to other holders. Depending on the number of NFTs you hold, you could receive anywhere from $75 to potentially more than $1000 in bonus money!

If you're looking to up your betting game, we've got you covered with our amazing training library, which contains tips, strategies, and guides on smart decision making for live or in-game betting.

Real-life meetups in Phoenix, AZ, or other locations. - you won't want to miss them!

Mint Strategy

Hall of Fame Mint

One max per wallet

Mint Price: FREE

Royalty from All Star Mint!

Championship Team Colors

Mint Date: June 6th 2023

All Star Mint

3 max per wallet

Mint Price: 0.02-0.03 ETH

Mint Date: TBD

PFP Collection

One NFT airdropped

Mint Price: FREE

Any WSB NFT holder has the chance to be on the allow list for the airdrop

Serves as lifetime membership to WSB

Mint Date: TBD

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